About Us

Baymanor Homes is a design-focused Toronto custom home builder. We specialize in high-quality home renovations, additions, and restorations. If you’re looking to increase your property value or speak to a general contractor about remodelling your home, give us a call at 416-781-2866.

Our Story

We’re Fab and Massimo Calitri, and in 1998, we founded Calitri Brothers Construction Ltd., now o/a Baymanor Homes. At first, we took on small projects—at first a bathroom, then a deck, a basement—and, over the years, began doing home renovations, additions and, eventually, complete rebuilds.

Our work is very specific and client-focused, with an emphasis on high-quality design. For more than a decade, we have been partnering with ro design studio inc.  to create beautiful interiors.

Today, our homes set the standard for construction in some of Toronto’s most sought-after neighbourhoods. In fact, our latest project, just steps away from Bloor West Village, set the sales record for the neighbourhood.

We’re passionate about complicated builds and conversions. Need to add a floor to your home? Turn a single family dwelling into two residences? Restore a decades-old building to its former glory? We play by the rules and deliver on projects with precision and pride.

After a build is complete, we offer plenty of support, follow-up and warranty — some of our client relationships go back ten years. Simply put, we believe in integrity and standing behind the work that we do.



OFFICE : 416.781.2866
EMAIL : fab@baymanorhomes.com


OFFICE : 416.781.2866
EMAIL : massimo@baymanorhomes.com


OFFICE : 416.781.2866
EMAIL : linda@baymanorhomes.com


EMAIL : vince@baymanorhomes.com
EMAIL : vince@baymanorhomes.com


Tel. 416.781.2866

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